Kezia, student, El Paso, TX –

“One of the main things I learned from Ms. Penny is the important role trauma plays in becoming a stronger person! Rather than letting trauma become a dark, negative patch that causes you to blame yourself, learning from it and being kind to yourself is key.”

Akshay, high school student, El Paso, TX –

“Kim’s guest speaker event taught me to accept your experiences in life and to forgive yourself.  Life has many obstacles, and you have to learn to accept them to move on.  Overall, I will value this advice for the rest of my life. “

Nicole, school board member, Durango, CO –

“Kim is one of the most loving, genuine and inspiring people I know. Through her pain she has found her gift, this gift needs to be shared and spread like wildfire amongst our youth.”

Kim, high school counselor, Aztec, NM –

“Our staff and students want to give you one more big thank you!  You had a powerful message that struck home with our students.  We wish you the best and good luck in all your future adventures. “

Rebekah, youth director, Durango, CO –

“I highly recommend Kim to speak at any event. She is passionate and personable. Two of the key things that drew our students to talk openly about what has been going on in their OWN lives. Everyone needs to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The kids would have her back in a heartbeat.”

Tim, parent, Lenexa, KS –

Kim’s story of persevering through adversity is an incredible testimony for audiences of any age.  But what makes Kim a great speaker is her message to young listeners, letting them know that their true identity comes not from their outer appearance but from within.  If you want to be inspired by a thrilling memoir of survival and healing, read Kim’s book, Mountain View.  And if you want to inspire a group of individuals with an amazing account of strength and courage, invite Kim to speak at your next event.

Kelli, middle school counselor, Farmington, NM- 

We had Kim speak at Mesa View Middle School yesterday. She has a great story to share about overcoming obstacles. The students loved it!

Andy, youth director, Durango, CO –

“Kim spoke to our middle school and high school kids. I would highly recommend her to you. Her message opened up doors for conversation. It was a really inspiring, great story, and I certainly recommend her for your school or upcoming event.”

Jean, teacher, Kansas –

“Kim is real! Her experiences are real. Her love and dedication are real. She speaks with authority because she has lived everything she talks about and cares deeply to save others from great pain.”

Lindsay, parent, California

“Kim is a GEM of a human. She has so much wisdom, grace, and humility. These are three adjectives we hear all too often; they have become monotonous. But imagine…wisdom, grace, and humility…all wrapped up into one person. That’s Kim. It is an honor to hear her speak. Can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Preston, licensed counselor, Colorado –

“Kim is very engaging and dynamic when she speaks. Her content is relatable, straightforward and powerful. Her message opened up a great time of conversation with students and she loved meeting them where they were at and answering their questions.”

Kristen, director, Colorado –

“Kim came and shared with my women’s group. She was heartfelt, honest, funny and endearing.”

Jeanette, school director, Colorado –

“This is an amazing story and Kim has done a wonderful job of telling it. Her book is so engaging that once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down until I finished it! It is filled with inspiration and hope! I have shared this book with several of fellow employees and they all agree – it is a great read!”

Maile, parent, Colorado –

“This book is not only inspirational and encouraging but truly a testimonial that has the potential to change lives.”


Lindsay, Parent, Atascadero, CA – 

“Such an inspiring story! I could not put this book down. I read the last chapter twice. It was SO encouraging to me, as was the entire book. A fascinating story of incredible trials and the unbelievable journey that followed. I highly recommend this book to anyone!”


Kristin, consultant, Colorado – 

“Very inspirational story about the gift of understanding and healing. We all have trials that we face in our lives and knowing that we have all been through the valleys and peaks. It the choice we make when faced with the valleys and peaks that are a true test in life. Thank you for sharing an important part of journey Kim.

Nancy, retired teacher -state senator, Denver, CO – 

“Her life story is REAL and can be shared with others. We saw her after her accident & her fight to survive & rise above is worth hearing! Thanks Kim for sharing your life story!”

Rick, young life director, Kansas City – 

I had the opportunity to read Kim’s book and it is absolutely fantastic! This will be a book you’ll feel great about sharing with people not just because you love Kim, but because her story is inspirational, encouraging, challenging and has potential to change lives…”

Stephanie, counselor, Olathe, KS – 

“Kim’s story is one of faith and heartache, woven together in real life circumstances. It’s so easy to relate to the ups and downs! If you want to laugh, and cry, feel tugged by scary circumstances, and then soar to the heights with a heart full of hope, I highly recommend Kim as a speaker!!”

Shanelle, youth director, Durango, CO 

“Kim’s message truly allowed for students to speak up about their feelings, as well as hard seasons or times of life. Understanding that we all have different battles we are fighting and no matter how big or small, it matters. Also it allowed for those struggling with self worth, or potential self harm, to open up and ask questions, or maybe even just listen and know that they aren’t alone in those thoughts or ideas. It’s hard to find an environment where students are willing to discuss these hard topics, and emotional issues, but Kim created that environment and it helped the students to see that 1. It gets better and 2. There is so much to live for. “

Jeff, head pastor, Colorado – 

“If you are looking for a breath of fresh air and a story that will fire you up to press forward and live life to the full, take a minute to check out my friend Kim’s story. If you would be looking for someone to speak at a youth event or a women’s event, I couldn’t recommend her more highly to you!”

Dixie, parent, Colorado– 

Unfortunately we need so much of this in our community. Thank you Kim for listening to your calling and changing hearts.”

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